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The Ninth Inning


Is this the beginning of something . . .
. . . or the end of everything?

Miami Jones gets a call from an old acquaintance to take on a job looking into blackmail against a major league baseball player. Miami and the player have history, but that won’t stop him from discovering the truth about a night long ago, one that sticks in Miami’s memory, from back when he was a young, hopeful minor-league pitcher.

As he digs deeper he finds it harder and harder to focus on the case—his fiancée’s father is dying, and in meeting Danielle’s dad for the first time he discovers things about himself and his own past that he has long suppressed. Things that may change everything. Questions of regret and opportunity, loss and redemption, the past and the future.

What Miami learns will change his life forever. But does a new beginning spell the end of everything he knows and loves?