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Author A.J. Stewart Headshot

A.J. Stewart is the USA Today bestselling author of the Miami Jones Florida mystery series and the John Flynn action thriller series.

He has lived and worked in Australia, Japan, UK, Norway, and South Africa, as well as San Francisco, Connecticut and of course Florida. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his two favorite people, his wife and son.

AJ is working on a screenplay that he never plans to produce, but it gives him something to talk about at parties in LA.

Book Series

Lenny and Lucas Adventures

Before Miami Jones knew them, Lenny Cox and Lucas Burnside saw some rollicking adventures. These are two well-trained soldiers with a healthy disrespect for authority and a raging dislike of the powerful stepping all over those not in a position to fight back.

Danielle Castle Mystery

She might be Miami Jones’s partner, but Danielle Castle has her own way of doing things. As an agent for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Danielle does it by the book. Usually.

John Flynn Action Thriller

Warrior. Patriot. Traitor?

Son of a Marine, John Flynn’s family business was the military. But when life takes a horrible turn and Flynn finds himself discard by the country he loves, he finds refuge and purpose in the most unlikely place: The French Foreign Legion. But when he is tasked with hunting the worst terrorists in the world, forces on all sides take aim at Flynn. They should have left him alone.

Miami Jones Florida Mystery

In Florida, the sharks aren’t only in the water

Miami Jones would rather be sitting at his favorite Florida bar than off chasing bad guys, but there are some cases Miami is uniquely qualified to solve. Together with his trusted team and oddball associates, Miami takes on Palm Beach high society, low-down landlords, and even politicians on the take to get the job done.

Baskin Island Mysteries

Samantha Waters grew up on an island off the English coast and spent her life on and under the water. When her career as a police diver takes a turn, Sam finds herself rudderless. Lost, she visits her uncle in far away Florida, on another island that is both familiar and foreign. Sam might be a fish out of water, but she knows a thing or two about solving crime.