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Making the Drop


Summer long weekends in Florida are about sun, sand, and surf. Miami Jones and his wife, agent Danielle Castle, are out enjoying the beach when they are swept up into a dramatic ocean rescue.

In the aftermath, a young girl is left all alone in the world. Miami knows that feeling, so he takes on the job of finding the child’s family.

A family that might be best left unfound.

In the hunt for the girl’s father, he must face the loss of his own parents and the cloud that casts over his life—and his marriage.

Miami dives into the world of professional surfing, where a veneer of chilled dudes and hot babes hides a dark underbelly of high-stakes competition and vulnerable young athletes looking for a shot at any cost. 

It might be a world that welcomes a young girl with loving arms. Or Miami might direct her into the arms of a predator. 

Full of Miami’s trademark insights into life, and the humor and heart Stewart is famous for, Making The Drop delivers the most personal case Miami Jones has ever taken on.

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