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Miami Jones Boxset Books 5 – 8


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Miami Jones is back in the second omnibus edition of the bestselling series.

This collection features the fifth, sixth and seventh Miami Jones books, and is an ideal collection with which to enter Miami’s world.

The first book in this box set is actually a prequel, which takes us back several years before the time of Stiff Arm Steal (book 1) and subsequent books. It is a chance to get to know one of the most important people in Miami’s life—Lenny.

Crash Tack takes us back to Miami Jones’ time with his mentor, Lenny Cox, and an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a yacht captain during a race from the Bahamas to Palm Beach.

Deep Rough returns us to the present timeline of the books, as Miami gets involved with sabotage at a South Florida golf club during a PGA tournament. Watch for the alligators!

King Tide sees Miami trapped with other guests in an exclusive Palm Beach hotel during a hurricane. The first body they find is just the beginning.

If you’re new to Miami Jones and his merry band of misfits, welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy the ride. If you’ve already read some of Miami’s cases, it’s great to have you back.