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The Rotten State


A dead woman. A community in grief. A secret ready to explode.

When John Flynn visits Denmark, the last place he expects to be is at a funeral. But it’s not the sadness or the wake that shocks him. It’s the expectation that worse is yet to come.

He discovers a community living in what appears to be utopia, but the facade is cracking. Years of secrets are threatening to explode their happiness.

But does the greatest threat come from the outside?

A developer wants the land where the community lives and a local politician wants to get it for him. It’s all about the future and progress. And you can’t stop progress.

Except maybe John Flynn can. When the wife of an old friend asks Flynn for help, he does what he was trained to do and asks some questions. When the questions lead from a confrontation with local thugs right up to the halls of power, Flynn must risk tearing everything down in order to save any of it.

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