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Temple of Gold


A Marine questioning his orders.
An SAS soldier with a healthy disregard for authority.
Tales of slaves and temples in the Kampuchean jungle.

The First Lenny & Lucas Adventure

Lenny Cox joined the Marines to protect the innocent. The adventure was a bonus. So lying in the humid Southeast Asian jungle watching over a CIA supply drop is his idea of a good day out. That's until he sees the recipient of the drop is an ex-Khmer Rouge unit, four years after the killing fields.

Lenny does what he should never do—he searches for the truth. But in this place the truth is slippery, and everybody has dirty hands. Even the peasants taken as slaves.

He figures there's not much a lone Marine can do, until a chance encounter with an Australian SAS soldier who might know as much as Lenny knows, and might be just as unhappy about it.

Together they take on their own governments, spies, and the Khmer Rouge, in a part of the world that the rest of the world just wants to forget.

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