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Red Sunset


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A Cold War leader dead.
A World on the brink.
Secrets ready to explode.

Ill and near the end, Soviet leader Yuri Andropov summons an aide to his deathbed. Hours later, after a visit from a KGB official, Andropov dies.

Konstantin Chernenko is the surprise choice anointed as the new head of the USSR.

Then an Australian consular official from the Moscow embassy goes missing. The Australian embassy can't find them, and the CIA knows nothing. Or so they say.

Andropov held a secret, one that would explode international relations apart and reignite the Cold War if revealed.

Some will kill to hide the secret, others will murder to get it out in the open. Lenny and Lucas must decide who is who, and battle forces inside and out to prevent World War Three.

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