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Emerald Dawn


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A Prime Minister Assassinated.
An Island Paradise in Turmoil.
600 Students Trapped Under Military Rule.

1983. The invasion of Grenada.

When the Prime Minister is assassinated after a military coup, a campus full of American students is trapped under socialist rule on the island of Grenada.

The President wants to mount a rescue mission.

But is the US response designed to save the students or an attempt to quash a Soviet-backed outpost in the Caribbean?

Without a diplomatic or intelligence presence on the ground, the Marines and US Army soldiers tasked with the operation are flying into the unknown.

But Marine Sergeant Lenny Cox and Australian SAS Sergeant Lucas Burnside have just wrapped an operation in the Caribbean. Together, they have to discover the regime's plan, protect the Governor General of Grenada from becoming the next political assassination, and save six hundred students, all while trying not to set off Cuba and the Soviets onto a path to World War Three.

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