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Lion’s Shadow


The Season of Goodwill.
A Terror Attack in London.
A City in Fear.

17 December, 1983. The IRA bombs the iconic London store, Harrods.

Every security force in the city is on the case, from the Metropolitan Police to unspoken intelligence services. Borders are clamped shut. Houses and businesses are raided.

There's no sign of the perpetrators.

But one man saw the bombers. Lucas Burnside is on security detachment to the Australian High Commission in London and was doing his Christmas shopping when a small car stopped beside him, right outside Harrods.

But after being injured in the blast, Lucas can only remember fragments of what he saw. So British Intelligence officer Kendra Abernathy enlists the help of a psychologist running a secret program to help Lucas discover the truth and hunt down the cell behind the bombing before there is another holiday massacre.

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